About Us

PT. Intecs Teknikatama Industri officially started operation as of July 1st 1998. We have the competence and experience in the “Equipment Lubrication”. We selling the technical equipment used for lubrication systems in heavy equipment and also carry out the installation service of that equipment. We have experienced experts and a commitment to keep on working to the satisfaction of customers..

PT Intecs as a world class and respected company, is committed to provide the best quality products, service and engineering solutions for customers. PT Intecs has become one of the leading supplier of service solution with quality brands and and supported by engineering team provides design, installation and after sales service throughout Indonesia via our regional branches.

Products represented include the following systems :

  • Workshop Dispensing and Wash Pad Systems
  • Automatic Lubrication Systems
  • Fuel Storage, Dispensing and Monitoring
  • Fuel and Oil Filtration
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Custom Engineering Product

PT Intecs strives to be a reliable and sustainable partner to increase customer productivity and efficiency with reasonable cost. Our Quality Management Systems Operated to ISO 9001; 14001 and 18001 Standards. Quality, capacity and the creativity of our experts allows us to be the first choice provider of engineering services.


  • Being valued, leading company in offering quality products, service and quality performance.
  • The main partner in providing the best products and service solutions that are respected in the global market place.
  • Become a trusted and chosen company to provide solutions for product, service and engineering.


  • Providing excellent service and value-added solutions to all customers and partners as the primary choice.
  • Continuously provide products and services of high quality to meet the needs of customers through the  best marketing program.
  • Quality Improvement in all aspects of sustainable  business that will provide profits and benefits to employees,  shareholders, customers and surrounding community.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Customer Oriented
  • Competitive
  • Capable