Intecs Applications

PT Intecs represents brands known for their quality, reliability and serviceability. Products are supported by our qualified engineering team providing system design, installation and after sales service. Through innovative technology and a wide range of products, our focus is to provide solutions that improve productivity and more efficient operations. Our functionality testing, application engineering, and equipment/material integration provide you with a total systems solution. We offer the best-suited products and systems for all application – worldwide.


The cement has some of toughest operating conditions in the industrial marketplace, to run their operations, they use a wide range of equipment. PT Intecs’s comprehensive lubrication reliability program can have an immediate impact by increasing machine life and decreasing maintenance costs. We offers full-service and qualified support for cement.


Consistency and reliability in ink supply are vital ingredients in any printing operation, and the automation and centralisation of this ink supply are important factors in making this occur. PT Intecs offers ink supply systems for sheet-fed printing, especially also for UV inks, ink supply systems for heatset rotary presses and newspaper presses as well as service, maintenance and replacement components for ink pumps as well as existing ink supply systems.

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry consists of businesses that mainly manufacture wood pulp, paper or paperboard from a variety of inputs including woodchips, clay, lime, dyes, chemical resins and recycled paper. The pulp and paper manufacturing plants use a wide range of equipment throughout the manufacturing process. PT Intecs offers full-service support for paper & pulp manufacturing.

Food and Beverage

In today’s changing environment in food and beverage manufacturing, the proper lubrication of high speed machinery is essential. PT Intecs designs and supplies that is required to assist in reducing costs from automated lubrication systems. We provides a special performance and service offer geared to all needs of the food and beverage industry.

Agriculture and Farming

PT Intecs provide the necessary equipment and experience to help the farmer achieve the maximum machine availability and high crop yield. We also can supply farmers and other agricultural customers with automatic lubrication systems to ensure that their equipment is lubricated with the right grease, in the right amount, at the right intervals. PT  Intecs protects and keeps agriculture equipment running smoothly. Our lubrication systems are designed for the adverse environments of the industry by putting together a comprehensive lubrication reliability program featuring quality lubricants and best practices that will protect your equipment, increase production, and reduce maintanance cost.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas is one of the most demanding and challenging industries today, efficiency and safety are the key. We offers an array of lubricant reliability solutions for oil and gas field operations, including high-performance lubricants for drilling equipment. PT Intecs has the expertise, products and services to create the right solutions for all of our oil and gas customers.


PT Intecs offer the best lubrication system to bring best practices to your mining operation and have an immediate impact on your operation by increasing machine life and decreasing maintenance costs. Mining Industry require heavy mobile and off road equipment, friction and wear are the worst enemies of construction and mining equipment. Effective lubrication of these heavily loaded components is absolutely critical to efficient, reliable, economical operation of a mine site.Our proven track record in providing solutions is why customers trust PT Intecs for their valuable equipment.